Best Cases for Your iPhone 4/4S

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Best Cases for Your iPhone 4/4S

To celebrate the iPhone’s fifth birthday, we take a look at some of the most reliable cases to keep your smartphone safe.

Most Functional: PureGear PX360˚ Extreme Protection System for iPhone 4/4S ($49.99)

Held together by six screws and guarded by a screen protector, this case acts as an all-around shield with superior impact resistance. Though it isn’t waterproof, the case comes with a reusable waterproof bag. When you can anticipate the types of situations that necessitate a water-resistant bag (which would likely mean you wouldn’t need the bag in the first place) the bag may be useful, however, PureGear’s water resistant bag does not seem at all different from your everyday Ziploc bag.

More practical accessories that come with the case include a utility tool with a built-in wrench, kickstand and bottle opener. While the case adds thickness, the sporty design and carabiner hook imply that the user will appreciate the added mass during an array of high-impact adventures.

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