The Best Fashion Tools for Men

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The Best Fashion Tools for Men

Fool your friends and girlfriend into thinking you know how to dress with these helpful websites and apps.
Sure, online shopping may have saved you from the torture of being inside a store, but surfing through hundreds of sites can be just as time-consuming. Even worse, finally landing on something you actually like then scrolling down to find out that cool tee will cost you a cool $350. Major buzzkill. Cue - a tool that combines shopping and saving money. We kid you not. Hukkster is a bookmark button that allows your browser to save whatever it is you are looking at with just one click. Next time you're shopping online and come across a product you like that's a bit too steep for your spending habits, you simply "hukk it" and then you'll get a notification by email or text when the price on that specific style drops. Say goodbye to hours of online shopping with this tool!


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