The Best Summer Fragrances for Men

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The Best Summer Fragrances for Men

Step up your swagger (and boost your overall sex appeal) with the best summer fragrances for men.

Wouldn’t it be great if they developed a mind-control formula for men, one that gave you the power to appear more attractive to women, more intelligent to employers, more trustworthy to loan officers (and/or parole officers)? Well, they have.

It’s called cologne.

A recent study at the University of Liverpool suggests there’s more to male fragrances than just smelling good. Researchers found that spritzing yourself with a suave scent makes you appear more attractive to women, in part because of the positive effect it has on your self-confidence.

As summer sets in, look for lighter fragrances with notes of citrus and wood, for that “I just showered at my beach villa” vibe.

They say you should always be dressed for the job you want.

We say you should smell like the life you want.

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