Best Workout Headphones

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Best Workout Headphones

Stop letting a shoddy pair of headphones prevent you from achieving your best workout. Pick up one of these 11 pairs to keep the beats flowing during your next trip to the gym.

The success of your workout relies largely on staying motivated, so if music is your drug of choice, there’s nothing worse than when your buds fall out during your leg press, or the headphones your ex got you for the holidays burn out a mile into your run. Now you’re stuck messing with these faulty ‘phones instead of focusing on your workout. And without music, the sounds of heavy sighs and clanking weights, or worse—the conversation between the two women on the nearby ellipticals—serves as your new training soundtrack.

Switch to one of these MF-tested pairs and spend your next workout increasing your lifts rather than tampering with your headgear.

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