Best Workout Headphones

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Best Workout Headphones

Stop letting a shoddy pair of headphones prevent you from achieving your best workout. Pick up one of these 11 pairs to keep the beats flowing during your next trip to the gym.

Available in nine colors, the modern look of these wireless headphones gives off the appearance that they won’t hold up at the gym. Quite the opposite. JayBird’s Sportsband teamed up with USA Triathalon and offers a Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat. No wires means less fuss in the weight room or on the pavement and a more focused workout—just use the control on the outer ear to change the song and volume on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. The lack of wires doesn’t compromise sound quality; pumping bass streams right through the sharp, rich beats. Heads up to iPod nano and classic users, though: You’ll need to purchase JayBird’s iSport to make your device Bluetooth adaptable in order to use this fairly-priced pair.


Our tester said: "They are lightweight without sacrificing quality, making them less of a distraction while exercising. The fact that they're cordless is terrific because there's no worry of a wire getting caught in the gear that I use. They fit perfectly snug without adding pressure or slacking off my head during my workout, and the sound quality is superb."

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