Best Workout Headphones

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Best Workout Headphones

Stop letting a shoddy pair of headphones prevent you from achieving your best workout. Pick up one of these 11 pairs to keep the beats flowing during your next trip to the gym.

Small, medium, and large interchangeable ear pads help these in-ear buds find a comfortable fit among all users. Panasonic includes a cord adjuster and slider to prevent tangling and allow easy storage. The ear buds reduce passive noise, while an angled jack helps deliver the deep bass. These buds stay in during a workout but transition nicely to less active use as well. Price marks their most attractive aspect, making these crossover headphones a worthwhile investment for an in-ear bud fan looking to both perfect their squat and pass time on the morning commute.


Our tester said: "These buds worked great for everything from interval sprints to weight lifting and yoga. More often that not, buds tend to fall out of my ears, but the size of the 'suction inserts' fit perfectly into my ear and stayed snug. Affordable and keeps sound loud and clear—these are actually the best earbuds I've ever had."

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