Best Workout Headphones

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Best Workout Headphones

Stop letting a shoddy pair of headphones prevent you from achieving your best workout. Pick up one of these 11 pairs to keep the beats flowing during your next trip to the gym.

This German-based brand brings runners the last pair of headphones they’ll ever need to buy. They sit comfortably behind the neck and snuggly on top of the ear. The sweatproof ‘phones come with an extension cord if you decide you’d rather not use the pair at the shorter armband length. Because of the behind-the-neck style, these headphones perform best during cardio workouts, since lying on the floor/bench slides the PMX Sports forward out of your ears. Wipe off the sweat at the end of your workout and you won’t need to take advantage of the two-year warranty.


Our tester said: "The different fit takes some getting used to at first, but the unique placement of the buds works well to drive the music right into your ear during a run."

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