Best Workout Headphones

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Best Workout Headphones

Stop letting a shoddy pair of headphones prevent you from achieving your best workout. Pick up one of these 11 pairs to keep the beats flowing during your next trip to the gym.

These in-ear buds hook into your ear for a fit that stays in during any gym workout. The sweatproof ear buds provide a more powerful sound than basic on-ear buds, but without the discomfort of in-ear tips. Silicon caps make the buds easy to adjust mid-workout, though you’ll rarely need to. Intended for armband use, the short cord comes with an extension and clip that allow you to pick the length. You can adjust your iPod/iPhone with the volume control located on the left cord. These buds transition nicely between indoor workouts and casual listening due to their light weight and exceptional, but unaggressive sound quality, which means you wont have to crank the volume to get pumped up.


Our tester said: “More of a secure on-ear bud with a hook than an in-ear bud because they lack any real in-ear component (a good thing in terms of comfort). The cord is a bit long but these work well for moderate gym use, as well as regular day-to-day activity.”

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