Men's Fitness Shoe Guide: The 10 Best Shoes for Men

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Men's Fitness Shoe Guide: The 10 Best Shoes for Men

From casual to formal and everything in between, expert stylists break down the essential men's footwear you need in your closet.
Shoes make the man. It’s one of the fashion bible’s most quoted verses—and, sartorially speaking, one of the truest.

“Shoes are the most defining and elevating item you can wear,” says Aldo creative director Douglas Bensadoun. “What else can e…ffectively turn a casual outfit into something sophisticated? Or a fancy get-up into something more sporty?”

“Shoes are pretty essential,” concurs stylist Erin Turon, who’s dressed Hugh Jackman, Michael Strahan, and Mark Wahlberg for their respective MF covers. “A guy could be dressed head-to-toe perfect, but if he has horrible shoes on, it ruins everything.” With that said, don’t fall for flavors of the week. Stick with these classic styles over the overtly quirky and trendy ones and you’ll always put your best foot forward.


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