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The Definitive Guide to Upgrading Your Entire Wardrobe Online

Curate your closet without leaving the comforts of your desk.

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Subscription Sites

Finally, these are the fashion sites that allow you to outsource your shopping entirely. When you sign up for a service, you’ll answer a few questions about your personal wardrobe preferences and ambitions, and the site will go about compiling all sorts of items on your behalf, from jackets to socks to shoes to shirts. At regular intervals, a package will arrive at your doorstep. What you don’t like you send back, and you pay for what you keep. The major players in this arena include names like Trunk Club (, Bombfell (, Four Five Club (, and Curator and Mule (

The overwhelming consensus among the sartorially savvy is that Trunk Club stands apart for its taste and execution, with emphasis on the former. (You’re essentially paying a tastemaker to do all your shopping for you, so you shouldn’t expect any deals in this category.)

At Trunk Club, the clothes are indeed selected by real human beings—you’re assigned a “personal stylist,” who will communicate with you via telephone and e-mail—not an algorithm. Your stylist works with the intention of challenging your comfort zone. If you need some polos, for instance, they’ll send you newer, hipper brands in edgier colors than the traditional ones you’re used to. Each box contains 10–20 items, and I recommend being very selective about what you keep—because the costs add up very quickly.

And try to confine your Trunk Club purchases to the items in which the fit is crucial: shoes, pants, and jackets. You know, all those things you might have to try on if you still shopped at the mall. Thankfully, you no longer have to.

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Mark Ellwood is the author of Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World.



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