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Denim Decoded: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

We've got the lowdown on finding the best fitting jeans. Follow these 7 simple tips to score the most reliable piece of clothing you own.

4. Check The Pockets

Too much detail can draw attention to potential “problem areas” (i.e butt or gut). Look for a clean thread pattern on pockets. Also make sure they aren’t too large or too long—these types of pockets will give the illusion you have saggy gluts.

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5. Take A Stretch

Most jeans have a slight amount (usually 2%) of Lycra or elasticity to them which allows for stretch and comfort. For jeans you can wear all day, check the label for blends that include linen or elastic like spandex. It’ll give life to your slacks and allow for extra movement.

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6. When In Doubt, Go Dark

Whether you wear your jeans just for kicks or late night clubbing, dark denim is a solid investment for day-to-night transition—with a swift shirt and tie change. If you only invest in one pair of jeans shoot for dark denim.

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7. Dare To Experiment

Common misconception: bright colors and jean cuffing is reserved for preppy men in mansions with yachts. Not true! The warmer months are a great time to push the envelope slightly with your style. Use the beach as an excuse to roll up your jeans and throw on a pair of boat shoes—it says you're totally ready for vacation. Own the look and the average girl will love that you took an opportunity to try something new. Plus, cuffing jeans elongates the leg, says Peyrache, so you'll look taller and leaner.

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