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Face Value: How to Start a Watch Collection

Whether you opt for vintage or new, starting a new watch collection is a great way to invest in a passion.

Watches are used to mark the milestones in a man’s life. They’re traditional gifts for graduation from high school or college. Your wife may give you one on your wedding day. And a gold watch is still the go-to tribute for years of dedicated service or retirement.

But watches have also evolved into so much more. They’re functional. They’re fashionable. They make a statement about who we are—especially since (besides wedding rings) they’re often the only bling guys wear. Certain brands give us status, but they can also be investments, increasing in value over the years.

As head of shopping innovation at eBay Inc., I spend a lot of time thinking about the shopping experience: What motivates me and other consumers to make a purchase and how do we buy the things we buy? No surprise here, I also spend a lot of time on the site. And when it comes to watches, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to learn about the industry. A watch is sold on eBay every five seconds—6.8 million of them every year. With prices ranging from mere dollars to hundreds of thousands, I’ve also learned it’s easy for almost anyone to start a collection. Here’s how to get yours ticking...

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Healey Cypher is a Men’s Fitness adviser and head of shopping innovation for eBay Inc: a global commerce platform and payments leader.



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