Father's Day 2013: Gifts for the Style Savvy Dad

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Father's Day 2013: Gifts for the Style Savvy Dad

Did your dad pass on his killer sense of style? Return the favor with one of these fashion-forward gifts.
The aptly named Primo Chronograph watch from Citizen is pretty much the only watch your dad will ever need again. It's jam-packed with features including a 1/5 second chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes, a super durable ion-plated case, a tachymeter, and rotating 360 degree bezel. Plus, it's water resistant to 100 meters and powered by light—that means dad will never again need to buy a watch battery. Select from a stainless steel bracelet for a dressier look, or accentuate the watch's race-inspired style with a sportier soft-touch strap.

($395, citizenwatch.com)


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