Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

He helped you become the awesome guy you are today; show dad your gratitude with one of these cool gifts.

Dads wear a lot of hats throughout the course of your life. When you were a kid, he was the superhero who carried you on his shoulders and the fixer of broken things. In high school, he taught you how to defend yourself from that bully and gave you terrible advice about girls. As an adult, he's become more of a friend you can knock back brews and complain about grown up things with, but he still manages to be, in a lot of ways, a superhero.

Before we get you all choked up listening to "Cats in a Cradle", be sure to show your dad how much you appreciate him this Father's Day (June 17). Whatever hat he wears now, he'll love one of these cool gift ideas.


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