Grooming Habits Every Man Should Take Up

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Grooming Habits Every Man Should Take Up

4 grooming habits that'll benefit your health and your dating mojo.

Women put enough gunk on their faces to cover up any imperfections. Your options are limited—other than growing a beard. So, put your best skin forward by taking care of it.

Clogged pores will make your skin look dull. Scrub away dirt and oil with Clinique’s Face Soap ($13). Perfect for any skin type, it clears pores and conditions in one quick, easy step. Spring for the extra dollar and get the soap dish—perfect for travel.

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For extra-dry skin caused by those colder, windier days, a layer of moisturizer after cleansing is worth the extra 30 seconds. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion ($8) offers long lasting relief for dry skin and is fragrance free so it won’t irritate sensitive skin…or make you smell like your girlfriend.

Available at most drug stores.


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