Grooming Habits Every Man Should Take Up

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Grooming Habits Every Man Should Take Up

4 grooming habits that'll benefit your health and your dating mojo.

Although many women find stubble sexy, it can be a pain—literally. For a close, comfortable shave, opt for Gilette’s Fusion ProGlide Power Razor ($12). Ultra-thin blades and an enhanced "Lubrastrip" make for less tug and a smooth glide, while a bigger handle and ergonomic grips provide better control. The optional battery-powered switch sends out soothing micro-pulses to make your shave effortless, helping the blades glide with ease—you’ll barely feel them against your skin—and she won’t feel your prickly stubble against her's.

Available at most drug stores.

No sense in having a great razor without a protective shave gel. Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Shave Gel ($5) conditions while preventing razor burn and irritation. The brand also has a line of skin clearing and sensitive formulas to target your individual needs.

Available at and most drug stores.

Prefer a little scruff? Go for it. But too much can leave you looking beastly as opposed to rugged. Keep it tame with Remington’s Beard and Goatee Groomer ($35). With four trimming length options, it’s cordless, easy to use and comes with a nose, ear and brow trimmer—if you’re trying to pull out all the stops.

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