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The Guy's Guide to Scarves

When and how to wear 'em—like a man.

Maybe you don’t really consider yourself a “scarf guy,” but perhaps you should reconsider. For one, your neck will feel significantly warmer on days where the thermometer drops below a comfortable point. Another reason to sport a scarf is because it’s a great way to add a little something extra to an outfit. But we get it--you don’t want to look like you jacked some accessories from your girlfriend's closet. So, here's how to look cool and keep your neck warm--like a man.

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What to Wear a Scarf with...

A coat: This one’s a no brainer. Scarves cover up the areas still exposed even after you’re zipped up. They especially pair well with an overcoat or trench.

A pullover or long-sleeved shirt: If you find yourself wearing the same gray sweater over and over, switch things up by adding different accessories. An infinity scarf (which is connected and looks like a circle) is quick and easy–just wrap it around twice and you’re good to go.

A blazer or sweater: Try replacing the tie with a scarf sometime. It’s different while still being office-appropriate and fashionable.

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How to Tie a Scarf

Drape: Literally throw it around your neck – no knotting or fussing required. While it may seem lazy, it doesn’t come off that way. Let a little peek out from under your coat or blazer for a classic look.

Tie: Loop the scarf once around your neck and knot it. Then, pull one side in front of the other for a dapper look that's a tie alternative.

Knot: There are two knot styles that are easy to do and don’t come off as feminine. For the “false knot,” drape the scarf over your neck and make a loose knot in one side. Then, slip the other side of the scarf into the opening and pull tight. Boom – you’re done. The next knot requires you to fold the scarf in half before draping it over your neck, then pulling the other side through the opening. It’s as simple as that.


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