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How to Grow a Beard

What you need to know as you fill out your facial hair.

Expect A Wait. Usually, going from a clean shave to a full beard will take about four weeks (that’s one month). Bide your time and resist shaving or excessive trimming. This is the time in the beard growing cycle that divides men from boys. Besides finding out if you can actually grow a beard, you’ll know how strong your will to resist shaving it off is.

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The Itch is Nothing to Worry About

If you’re not used to letting your facial hair sprout you’ll probably start to get itchy around week one. Don’t worry, this isn’t the sign of a rash or Phase 1 of an STD. It’s natural, because the facial hair you’re growing will make your face dry and practically collect dust. To help resist the urge to claw at your face and to soften the beard’s coarse texture, apply some baby lotion to your furry mug.  Again, rest easy—the itching is only temporary.

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