Makeup for Men: 5 Grooming and Corrective Skincare Products—Tested

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Makeup for Men: 5 Grooming and Corrective Skincare Products—Tested

Believe it or not, the trend of makeup for men—a.k.a, corrective skincare—is on its way to the U.S. These five products claim to cover zits, hide under-eye circles and make you look alive when you're feeling hung over, under-slept or just plain beat. Our
A discrete, skin-toned concealer designed to hide dark under-eye circles, acne, razor nicks and scars. Comes in light, medium and bronze.

Our Tester Said: “First off, it came inside a cigar box. The presentation was cool, masculine and, most importantly, relatable. It wouldn't be alarming if a girl found Menaji products in my bathroom. Second, I like how the concealer was packaged in the familiar shape of a lip balm. I rubbed it on my finger and then blended it in with my skin. It did a good job of covering up blemishes. Best part is, I didn't feel like I was wearing makeup.” ($26,


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