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Q&A: Lone Survivor's Alexander Ludwig Talks Fitness

The actor tells Men’s Fitness what it was like to gain 30 pounds of muscle for his role in the new film.

How did you get involved with the fitness clothing brand RYU?

Basically, I fell in love with the product one day in Vancouver. I’d seen the product in one of the founder’s stores and it just so happened that his kids were huge fans. So he went up to me to ask for autographs and a photo and was like “Do you like this product?” And I was like "I love it, I cant believe I haven’t seen it anywhere, it’s fantastic." So we ended up talking and we grew a bit of a friendship. The next thing you know, I was involved. I wanted to help this company grow. The way it’s made is a lot more environmentally conscious. I love living actively, being adventurous, and also looking good while doing it. RYU is a great product and very durable. You can feel the quality when you wear it.

What is your personal style like?

I love being a little bit ballsy and trying new things. Before, I would always just wear a simple leather jacket and whatnot. I’m a bit of a cowboy that way. Nowadays, I still wear that–I love my Frye boots and aviator sunglasses–but I’ll definitely venture out. I like experimenting with new trends and new styles. I love fashion. I think a lot has to with when you have a girlfriend, they start getting very involved in what you’re wearing, so that definitely helps.

Tell us a bit about your next role, playing Bjorn Lothbrok in the History Channel series Vikings.

Vikings is coming out in February. It’s a fantastic show–I loved it before I even got involved. They offered me the role and, at first, I was unsure if I wanted to be involved in a TV show. It’s a big sacrifice for how long you have to be away and they film in Ireland, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was the best decision of my life. I’ve grown so much as an actor being involved. It’s a very physical role but also, and more importantly, I get to show a lot of range. I have an accent and my character shows a lot of growth.

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