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Runway to Real Life: How to Pull Off Five Fall Trends

Too shy to sport head-to-toe camo or oversize plaid? We’ve translated the season’s top trends into attire that's tame enough to wear every weekend.

Fashion might not be your second language, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about your appearance or what's slated to hit stores next season. Problem is, taking inspiration from the runway is intimidating. The looks are a little too extreme for your everyday life, and the guys showing them off don't have your same build. We get it—and we're here to help. We’ve picked five of fall's biggest trends and found solutions for pulling them off without emptying your wallet or looking like Lady Gaga's male equivalent.

On the Runway: Oversize Patterns // Seen At: Hackett

Whether we're talking colorful checks or exaggerated plaid, bold patterns are big this fall. But if a rainbow checkerboard ensemble is too much for you (and your 9-to-5), stick to a single-color scheme. 

Wear It in Real Life: Tartan Blazer ($180,

You’ll look instantly sophisticated in a checked blazer. Balance its busyness with a simple shirt and tie.

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