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Taking Care of Your Teeth

10 great things that will change your dental experience forever

According to articles published by Harvard Health Publications and journal reports in the American Heart Association, American Dental Association and Pharmacy Times, the correlation between oral health and heart health is flagrant.  Although, there is no direct evidence that proves one causes the other, studies have proven that there is a definitive link between oral disease and coronary heart disease.    
Taking care of your teeth and gums are very important, and with this evidence, there is more of a reason to take oral health to heart.  Florida-based dentist, Dr. Patrick Leconte has shared 10 great things that will change your dental experience forever.
> Smile Manicure and Whitening on the Go
For those of us who are always on the move, taking care of our smile becomes quite a challenge! We can now brush and whiten our teeth while at work, at home and at play, with no mess!
The Listerine Quick Dissolving White Strips are invisible and takes 5-10 minutes to dissolve evenly in your mouth. They also leave your breath fresher than before. Results come within a week.
The GoSmile mini-mintliscious multipurpose smile solution ampoule will remove food and drink stains before they set on your teeth enamel.
> High Tech Flossing
Dentistry is one of the few professions that prides itself on using the same product for a century. Well traditional dental flosser, watch out! The revolution is here.
Today, one of the most innovative products that dentistry has to offer is the BrytonPick.
Designed with the latest ergonomics, this thin stainless steel dental cleaner is shaped like a boomerang and is protected by a high tech plastic carrying case. By threading it between your teeth, it will effectively and discreetly remove all food particles. You should ask your dentist about it. Bryton your teeth! It is the hottest new accessory on the dental market.
> Your Record On A Disc
Thanks to more friendly and powerful dental management software, dentistry goes paperless .Your record (including X-Ray) is now digital. You can access it, confirm your next appointment, check your account and track your insurance. All that is a click of your mouse away. And if there is doubt about the online access, you can even request a personal record on a disc.
> Deep Sleep During Treatment
You no longer have to be put to sleep for the removal of your wisdom teeth. You can request at selected dental offices to be orally sedated even for simple dental procedures. You will be amazed at how totally relaxed you can feel by simply taking a small pill to sleep through your entire appointment. You will be able to wake up with a healthy beautiful smile with little or no memory of the time spent in the office. To locate a sedation dentist near you,


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