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Taking Care of Your Teeth

10 great things that will change your dental experience forever
> Spotting the Invisible Cavity
Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and black stain on the surface of the tooth have always been the usual suspects in detecting a cavity. Unfortunately, when these flags are waved the tooth is already deeply affected. Spotting a cavity before we can see it or feel it is now a very easy, painless and inexpensive preventive treatment. Diagnodent (by Kavo) is an accurate, reliable laser cavity detection aid that will not let any cavity hide in your mouth.
> Early Cancer Detection
Dentists realize that your primary physician does not look inside your mouth very often. They needed a way to identify issues before they become worse. That is why Visilight came to be. After your mouth is rinsed, it is scanned with an ultra-violet light. If there are no white spots on your tongue, palate or cheek, you are cancer free.
It is fast and accurate. For more info,
> Natural Dentistry
Dentistry goes green! The water used to rinse your mouth during treatment is filtered through reverse osmosis. No more metal crowns or fillings! Incredible progress in dental ceramic have made them as beautiful and strong as real teeth. And welcome to organic mouthwashes and toothpastes. In addition to their all natural composition, these organics companies have improved the taste of their products.
> Acupuncture / Massage Heated Chair
The thousands years old Chinese medicine is making its way to our dental life. Most pain related conditions ( infection, TMJ---) can be greatly improve with acupuncture. Also people with gag reflex rave about it. But the best is the deep relaxation that acupuncture provides.
Some dental offices offer their patients the luxury of a massage heated dental chair with sound and aromatherapy. You will feel like you took a small vacation!
> Invisible Braces
You don’t need to have a metallic smile in order to have straight teeth anymore. Goodbye to conventional orthodontic braces and hello to clear thin plastic trays (similar to whitening trays). Computer designed plastic aligners gradually move your teeth to the desirable position. The braces are to be worn 24/7 and removed only for eating and hot drinks. Nobody will be able to see them at a social distance.
> Pay As You Wish

More dental offices provide the ability to access financing up to 18 months interest-free for your dental care. The process is remarkably easy and quite fast. It gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate your smile right now and pay for it later.
Two of the most popular financial plans are CareCredit ( and Unicorn (


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