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The 2013 Men's Fitness Look Great Awards

Upgrade your style with the best-looking new products for men.



Get the Picture
Samsung NX300, $750

There’s no shame in Instagram, but photos that will stand the test of time require a quality camera that isn’t also a phone. The Samsung NX300’s Best Face feature snaps multiple shots so you can choose the “best face” for everyone in the pic, and it comes Wi-Fi-ready so you can share photos with the click of a button. Actually, Congressman, perhaps this one’s not for you.


Show That You've Learned a Thing or Two
Oakley, prices vary

You’ve strolled on the dark side. Now hide your bad-boy past behind a pair of stylish, grown-up eyeglasses. Oakley prescription eyewear even has styles made of flexible, heat-adjustable acetate that’ll mold to fit your face after 20 seconds under warm water.


A Trick of the Wrist
Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph, $525

You could spend a lot more on a watch, but with options like the Tissot PRS 516 you don’t need to. It’s a sports watch in disguise: Time your workout and then hit a board meeting. The self-winding mechanism makes it the perfect timepiece to wear every day.


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