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The 2013 Men's Fitness Look Great Awards

Upgrade your style with the best-looking new products for men.



Looks Good, Sounds Good
Harman Kardon BT, $250

If you’re going to rock a pair of headphones on your skull, shouldn’t they be as stylish as the rest of you? Great for workouts or cruising the streets, these noise-reducing headphones are Bluetooth-compatible, so there are no tangled wires to cramp your style. A two-hour charge will buy you 40 hours of wireless listening.


Take This Tablet With Water
Sony Xperia Tablet Z, prices vary

Yes, it’s sleek and sexy, but so are most tablets. The Sony Xperia sets itself apart by being water-resistant to 3 feet. Leave it on the edge of the pool and it’ll fare better than your paperback. Download your favorite spaghetti-sauce recipe and splatter the screen with reckless abandon. Once dinner’s done, just rinse it off in the sink for an easy cleanup.


Get In On the Buzz
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler, $20

This watertight trimmer and styler gives you the freedom to sculpt your style in the shower or out, and the included adjustable heads for beard and body allow you to achieve virtually any look you can think of.


Take It All Off 
Harry’s, from $10

Get the perfect clean-shaven look with this supersimple razor from Harry’s, the brainchild of co-founder of eyewear brand Warby Parker. With no batteries, bells, or whistles, these razors are built with just one thing in mind: to deliver a classic shave at a reasonable price.


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