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The 2013 Men's Fitness Look Great Awards

Upgrade your style with the best-looking new products for men.



The Ultimate Guitar Pick
PRS SE Custom 24, $1,092

Playing guitar isn’t hard: Learn three chords and you can bang out most of the Ramones’ oeuvre. But rock ’n’ roll isn’t just about the sound (see: the Ramones), which is why the Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 looks as stunning as it sounds. Featuring a gorgeous 24-fret maple neck and a solid body crafted from mahogany and rosewood with built-in HFS treble and Vintage bass pickups, this guitar delivers picture-perfect performance. And if you can actually play, even better! The smooth response handles complex riffs like a boss, and the PRS tremolo can dive-bomb without slipping out of tune.


The Plush Life
Le Corbusier LC3 Grand Modele Armchair with Down Cushions, $4,995

You’re the king of your castle, so it’s only natural that you have a throne worthy of royalty. A modern take on the club chair, the LC3 Grand Modele was designed with its frame on the outside rather than the interior, resulting in what Corbusier himself liked to call a “cushion basket.” This standout piece of furniture keeps it minimalistic, allowing you to display your superior taste without flaunting it. Sink in and stay awhile; we guarantee it’ll feel like heaven.


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