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The 25 Biggest Fitness Fads of All Time

The most laughable and most functional fitness fads.

18. Cleansing/Juicing

Everyone needs a good cleanse once in a while, right? Well, if you’re talking about showering then, sure, we recommend that. Once a day is preferable. If you’re talking about the latest fitness fad that consists of a mostly liquid diet consumed over several days (or weeks) in hopes to rid the body of “unwanted toxins,” then we have a different opinion altogether. (FYI—Colon Cleansing is a whole other ballgame). Most scientists, dieticians, and doctors don’t necessarily think these Cleansing Diets are going to hurt you, but they often disagree with the fact that they might actually help you. Your body does a pretty good job of cleansing itself of unwanted toxins, which usually makes these fad diets unnecessary. Then again, if you dig drinking every meal, go right ahead. Currently in our blender is a slab of beef, a pork chop, a raw onion, and a baked potato. Try putting that through your straw!

19. Medicine Balls

One of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training in all of fitness, Medicine Balls are an extremely simple way to do some plyometric weight training with very little equipment. The weighted balls have been used to increase athletes’ explosive power as well as in rehabilitation scenarios and have truly stood the test of time. There was a brief period when everyone was using Medicine Ball training in their fitness regimens, but it’s now often used for more specialized training and rehab projects. Used correctly, however, the Medicine Ball can be a very effective fitness tool and one that should likely never go out of style.

20. Sweatin’ to the Oldies/Richard Simmons

The extremely flamboyant fitness personality Richard Simmons has certainly brought hope and comfort to an entire generation of men and women struggling with their weight, but what he may end up being most remembered for is his Sweatin’ to the Oldies line of aerobics videos. Simmons and his pals would get you up off the couch and sweating the weight off all while backed by the melodious sounds of oldies music. We can’t think of a more glorious way to lose weight. Well, ok, we can, but this was an ingenious way to get people (especially the more advanced in age) moving and on their way to being healthier. Say what you will about Simmons, but he’s done a whole lot of good for the fitness community throughout his life. Unfortunately, we still have trouble getting the images of our moms Sweatin’ to the Oldies out of our brains.

21. Spinning/Soul Cycling

There was a time a few years back when you couldn’t even get into a Spinning class because the fad was so popular. While it’s died down a bit recently, Spinning is still intensely popular, and for good reason: It’s a hell of a workout. If you’re looking for a great aerobic workout with a lot of motivation from the instructor and a way to get thoroughly drenched in sweat, Spinning should take care of that for you. And if you’re looking for something a little more full-body, high-intensity, check out the latest form of Spinning called Soul Cycling. Think of as Spinning Plus with some weights and blasting music thrown in. Fun times. NEXT: Flop your way to fit >>


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