Top 10 Running Essentials for Bizarre Spring Weather

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Top 10 Running Essentials for Bizarre Spring Weather

Here’s to ultra-durable gear that finally keeps pace on your run. Plus, everything on this list toughs out mud and rain, no problem.

After a long winter on the treadmill your feet may be in for a shock as you take to the pavement again. For the ultimate in road-pounding protection may we introduce the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. With built-in supportive technology, this genius shoe reduces and redirects the force of impact away from your foot each time it hits the ground. The Wave weighs in at just 10.1 ounces so you'll be in for a light-as-air ride, but the super supportive sole can tackle even the rockiest terrain. Not to mention, it comes in this pretty awesome electric blue color that's sure to turn the ladies' heads as you flash by. ($115;


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