Top 10 Running Essentials for Bizarre Spring Weather

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Top 10 Running Essentials for Bizarre Spring Weather

Here’s to ultra-durable gear that finally keeps pace on your run. Plus, everything on this list toughs out mud and rain, no problem.

This 30th Anniversary Casio GShock limited edition Mudman sportswatch is exactly what you need to clock your fitness. From long distance training to obstacle course races, this kickass, ultra-tough timepiece is The One. It handles mud like a champ, and the band is jacked up with a carbon fiber core for extra strength. Time your intervals on the stopwatch or countdown timer, and use the backlight on night runs. Solar power atomic timekeeping technology syncs with 48 cities to ensure accurate time, always. We know, the price tag looks steep, but after this watch you’ll never want to buy another. ($350;


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