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Valentine's Day Gifts for the Healthy Girl

Forget flowers and toss the heart-shaped box of chocolates you picked up at the drugstore. Here are the gifts your fitness-obsessed GF would rather receive on V-day.

So your girlfriend guzzles green juice, spends her mornings at yoga or spin class, and works hard to take care of herself. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, she's probably hinted that flowers and a box of chocolates are nice, but she’d rather you give her something she could put to good use (or at least feel good about eating).

Enter these alternative V-day gifts that have gotten the thumbs-up from real, fit-minded women.

Bear in mind that this is not an opportunity for you to hint to your lady that she needs to lose a little weight, but rather a time for you to give her something that acknowledges all her hard work. And who knows, she might be so impressed by these fantastic gifts that she’ll make time for a little extra one-on-one cardio with you.

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