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Valentine's Day Gifts for the Healthy Girl

Forget flowers and toss the heart-shaped box of chocolates you picked up at the drugstore. Here are the gifts your fitness-obsessed GF would rather receive on V-day.

305 Fitness in New York City

Workout Class Package


Boutique fitness classes can be expensive, but it's likely your girl makes room in her budget for her daily barre or boot camp fix. Help her out by giving her a class package or gift card to her favorite fitness studio. If you're in the New York City area and want to surprise her with something she's never tried before, get her a gift card to one of the hottest new cardio workouts on the market—305 Fitness. This Miami-inspired workout combines aerobic and anaerobic training, all disguised as one giant dance party. Strobe lights and a live DJ serving up custom-mixed beats at every class will most definitely put a smile on her face.

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