What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for the Holidays

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What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for the Holidays

Thirty unique, under-$50 gifts she won't want to return.

Listen, there are plenty of gift guides out there that claim to know exactly what your girlfriend wants for the holidays. A ridiculously expensive and slightly hideous handbag. An affordable $2 bottle of puke-green nail polish. As you click through item after item, you'll start to notice a pattern: Either you’re going to break the bank on something silly, or you’ll save a few dollars on a gift she probably won't end up liking. (Not that she won’t spare your feelings with an "OMG, I love it!") But don't stress— quality doesn't always have to be sacrificed when you’re trying to save a little dough. We present you... a list of extremely affordable gifts she’ll actually use—and love. You're welcome.

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