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Get The Hang Of Doing Laundry Right

Look fresh and stylish every day by doing your laundry the right way.
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Claire Benoist

The average adult ruins one or two items of clothing a year, and 600,000 wreck up to nine, a new survey has found; men also tend to destroy pricier pieces than women. But a few simple rules can save your wardrobe, says Jerry Pozniak of upscale dry cleaners Jeeves NY. Here are some tips for keeping clothes fresh.

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Read the garment’s care label—seriously, read it— and follow it. “That’s key,” says Pozniak.

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Don’t attempt your own serious-stain removal: “Many people ruin clothes that way.”

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If you accidentally machine-wash a dry-clean item, don’t toss it in the dryer. “That’ll shrink it; air-dry it instead.”

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Use oxygenating bleach (OxiClean, Clorox 2)—“It’s gentler than chlorine.” If you do use chlorine, pour only the recommended amount, to avoid fiber degradation.

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Take the words “dry-clean only” seriously, Pozniak says. “Otherwise you may end up with a sweater that could fit a 2-year-old.”


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