10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

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10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

From Mad Men trims to flowing coifs, the old is new again with this season’s hottest hairstyles.

This year, men are letting their scruffy Mountain Man beard grow full—and we’re not just talking Mandy Patinkin. Even metro men like Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine are wearing their whiskers long. For a flattering hairstyle, juxtapose with a classic clean square cut.

Do it if: You have hair.

Put the scissors down if: No exceptions here.

Ask your barber to: Add more texture to the square cut, and let your beard grow. Maintenance you’ll do on your own—trim to keep it from looking too bushy.

Products to pull it off: Dab a bit of pomade like Paul Labrecque Daily Finish Texture Balm ($26) to your ‘do and beard for a fine finish.

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