10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

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10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

From Mad Men trims to flowing coifs, the old is new again with this season’s hottest hairstyles.

This Roman style just won’t quit. We last saw The Caesar a decade ago on the buff Gladiator actor Russell Crowe, and it recently resurfaced with Gerard Butler. Perfect for the low-maintenance man, this short crop is hot again and here to stay.

Do it if: Your hair is straight to wavy, fine to thick.

Put the scissors down if: Your hair is very textured.

Ask your barber to: Cut your hair evenly on the sides and top at a short length.

How to pull it off: While you could go sans product, push hair forward with a light style aid like Aveda Humectant Pomade ($20) to keep the cut looking clean.

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