10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

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10 Best New Hairstyles for Men

From Mad Men trims to flowing coifs, the old is new again with this season’s hottest hairstyles.

Great for surfer-types or boy bands, The Bed Head mop is young and playful—but not for corporate America. Despite its name, this look takes a lot more meticulous effort than you’d expect.

Do it if: Your hair is wavy and curly, and you’re looking to date Taylor Swift.

Put the scissors down if: Your hair is very straight or fine.

Ask your barber to: Let your hair grow until there’s at least two inches on the sides, three on top. Once you’ve got the length, ask them to add texture to create movement.

How to pull it off: Apply a hair gel like Paul Labrecque Curl Defining Gelee ($22) when your hair is wet or towel dried.

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