10 Grooming Gadgets Every Man Needs

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10 Grooming Gadgets Every Man Needs

You’ve got the high-tech electric razor, but there are other bathroom gizmos that could ease your morning routine—and elevate your look.
Read on, furry guys: This FDA-cleared Intense Pulsed Light device zaps pesky hair off your arms, legs, back, underarms, stomach, and chest, leaving skin hairless for up to six months. It works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from sprouting, similar to professional, in-office treatments. People with very dark or sunburned skin shouldn’t use it, since high levels of melanin in the skin could cause it to absorb too much light, but a built-in skin tone sensor tells you if your skin can safely handle it.

($250; ulta.com)

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