10 Grooming Secrets from Personal Trainers

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10 Grooming Secrets from Personal Trainers

You may be a total pro in the weight room, but do you know how to handle yourself once you hit the showers? We asked top fitness experts to weigh in on their most essential grooming habits.
"Manscaping below the belt helps take care of odor issues. Plus, if you want a woman who is well-groomed, offer her the same experience when she heads south. If the thought of cleaning up your nether region with a razor sounds scary, use scissors to trim excess hair. It will cut down on the amount of odor that’s produced. After all, we’ve got sweat glands down there that create a funky, musky smell. Handle it with a talc-based powder."

—Aaron Marino, former personal trainer and founder of Alpha M, a men’s image, style and personal development firm

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