10 Scents That Will Drive a Woman Wild

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10 Scents That Will Drive a Woman Wild

Got a hot date? Invest in one of these warm fragrances, which will make her cozy up to you—guaranteed.

It’s true: If you smell good, you’re immediately more desirable to the opposite sex.

And even though it’s not a rule that you can’t wear a summer scent in the winter, a seasonably appropriate cologne may appeal more to a lady’s senses. “You want something warm that will make her want to cozy up to you” in the cooler months, says Irina Burlakova, a perfumer at Givaudan, a Swiss company that develops fragrances for many major brands. “Try to look for rich scents with dark woods, warming spices, and amber notes in them.”

Rich what? Amber huh? Don’t worry if that last part sounded like nonsense, because we’ve got you covered. When you’re ready to trade in that tired old deodorant spray for a special-occasion scent—you're not in junior high anymore, dude—pick up one of these 10 favorite fragrances of the season. Use one before that date tonight, and trust that you’ll be thanking us tomorrow morning.

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