10 Things She Secretly Notices About Your Hygiene

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10 Things She Secretly Notices About Your Hygiene

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean she can’t.

It burns, so you definitely notice when your razor hasn’t given you a clean shave. “A dull razor plus shaving against or across the grain of hair growth is what causes ingrown hairs or bumps—especially with sensitive skin or thicker beards,” says Timmy Yanchun, master barber and co-founder of men’s grooming company Svelte. Bumps are caused by bacteria, believe it or not, that gets into the tiny cuts caused by friction when you shave — whether that’s because of a dull razor, dry skin, or shaving the wrong way. Toss your blade if you spot rust or the indicator strip turns white, and make sure to shave in the right direction. Don’t forget to lotion up afterwards too. A moisturizer like Svelte Velvet soothes irritated skin and hydrates for the next time you shave. ($25; sveltemen.com)

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