10 Things She Secretly Notices About Your Hygiene

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10 Things She Secretly Notices About Your Hygiene

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean she can’t.

You exercise, you sweat. It's hot out, you sweat. You get worked up arguing your case in the boardroom, you sweat. It happens. But while some studies have shown women are attracted to the smell of their dude's natural musk, she’s not buying the pheromone excuse—clean pits always trump a whiff from a nasty underarm. In addition to using the basics (you know: soap and deodorant), keep your bed sheets or towels super clean, since they’re typically made of a polyester/cotton blend that tends to trap odor. Toss sheets into the dryer every other time you do laundry, and make sure you hang your towels after showering. Mildew is not the post-shower scent you want to sport. Stuff still smells? Try a color-safe bleach like Clorox 2 Liquid Color Safe Bleach. ($7-$8; soap.com)

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