6 Easy Ways to Get a Tan Without the Sun

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6 Easy Ways to Get a Tan Without the Sun

If GTL is a way of life, you need to know about its dark side. But don't worry—there are ways to get that glow without the scary cancer risk.

Bronzed skin may showcase your sculpted pecs or ripped abs, but you should bypass the tanning beds (aka glowing coffins) if you like the look.

A new study from the British Medical Journal found that indoor tanning salons substantially increase the risk of developing carcinoma, and the danger of developing skin cancer is actually greatest among young people. “There’s nothing sexy or attractive about working out hard to get a great body and then having to get a chunk of your skin removed,” says Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, MD.

Fortunately, sunless tanning products have come a long way in recent years—no more funky smell or orange palms, for starters—and depending on your skin type and patience levels, there’s a product that will give you the color you crave. Here, MF presents you with six of the best.


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