7 Gross Workout Habits That Wreck Your Skin

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7 Gross Workout Habits That Wreck Your Skin

Slacking on hygiene when you’re getting sweaty could land you gnarly toenails and unsightly infections. Shield your skin by following these expert tips.

Swimming offers a great total-body workout, but training in a chlorinated pool or open water could wreck havoc on your skin. Thanks to irritating pool chemicals, swimmers have a higher likelihood of developing eczema (inflamed, red, and itchy patches) anywhere on their bodies. Doing open water swims in rivers and oceans can also put you at risk for swimmer's itch, a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction to microscopic parasites.

Fix it: Shower immediately after a pool workout to wash away chlorine. If you’re swimming in open water, wearing a wetsuit is your best defense against harmful bacteria. Always change out of a wet swimsuit as soon as possible to avoid a case of jock itch, a rash caused by a fungal infection.

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