8 Grooming Products to Winter-Proof Your Skin and Hair

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8 Grooming Products to Winter-Proof Your Skin and Hair

Feeling dry? Itchy? It’s not you. It’s the weather. Here are the best products to winterize your body, so you can dodge that flaky feeling from head to toe.
Even if you’re not the type that goes overboard with your get-ready routine, it’s worth a little extra effort to take care of yourself during the most frigid time of year. “The cold, dry winter months can dry out men's skin and hair,” says Mike Gilman, founder of Grooming Lounge, a one-stop shop for men’s shaving, skin and hair products. “So providing them with extra moisture is key for avoiding all that dryness, itchiness and irritation.” Not sure where to start? Relax. We asked Gilman to recommend his favorite winterizing treatments that will soothe and protect your hair, hands, lips, and beyond.

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