9 Next-Generation Hair Products for Men

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9 Next-Generation Hair Products for Men

Add volume, fight baldness, and get your hair looking great all day with these haircare products.

Let’s face it: Nothing makes or breaks a man’s look like his hairstyle, the first thing any woman—or future employer—will notice. And while some guys can pull off an unruly mop with the requisite style and aplomb (see: The Beatles; Shaun White; current Men’s Fitness cover guy Ashton Kutcher), consider replacing your undergraduate shag with a cleaner, tighter, more grown-up look. Though it appears high-maintenance, it isn’t—and you’re guaranteed to impress the ladies with your classic new do. (Trust me.) To achieve that perfectly smooth coif, here’s everything you need, from the most dependable styling products to the formulas proven to stimulate natural hair growth.

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