Acne Alert: The Sneaky Reasons You’re Breaking Out

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Acne Alert: The Sneaky Reasons You’re Breaking Out

All of a sudden you’ve got more zits and blackheads than your 15-year-old cousin—what the hell? These surprising habits might be to blame.
No, not like that. (Phew!) However, if you’re noticing zits on your cheek, pay close attention to your hand habits, especially when you’re working on your computer or watching TV. Dr. Jaliman warns that if you have a tendency to lean your head onto your hand, you’re spreading germs directly from your desk right onto your face. Think of all the grubby stuff your hands come in contact with, and then think about rubbing it all on your face. That’ll motivate you to be hands-off. To train yourself out of the habit, try sitting on your hands for a few weeks. If you just can’t seem to hold your own head up, then at the very least, keep your hands clean with regular washings and a tube of antibacterial gel nearby.


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