Yes, we know your beard totally made that last Instagram shot. But trust us no amount of filtering can keep that look alive forever. Here, The Art of Shaving's Israel Leon explains the right way to banish those bristles.

Shower First

"You'll get the closest cut if you shave in the shower with a fog-free mirror," says Leon. "The steam and water open your pores and make the hairs in your beard nice and soft."

Apply a Damp Towel

If you can¹t shower, soak a washcloth in hot water and apply to your shave area for 30 seconds. "This will warm up your facial hair so pre-shave oils work better when you rub them in."

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Tame the Beast

When you¹re ready to shave, start with a trimmer and work your way down from a longer length to a shorter one. "The leftover stubble is more manageable for your razor," says Leon.

Use a Shaving Brush

It¹s less messy than using your hands, and you¹ll use less shaving cream since you can use the brush to work up the lather.

Pay Attention to the Details

Once you¹ve crafted the ideal beard, scruff,  or mustache, help maintain its shape by trimming the edges every few days. Retrim as needed, and sharpen the edges and places that are harder to reach with small scissors.

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