The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

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The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

Whether you want a touch of scruff or the grizzliest beard of them all, you don’t need a Hollywood stylist to look as good as these guys.

If Ron Jeremy were just kicking off his illustrious skin flick career now, this is the facial hair he’d sport. Mr. Gosling’s Porn Star look, of a heavy mustache and wispy chin whiskers, is the modern twist on the ‘stache-only styles of the ‘70s.

Works for: Straight, fine hair (even if it grows in patches) on an oblong-shaped or rectangular face with a rounded chin.

How to get it: Just let it grow. Invest in a pair of mustache scissors ($18; to neatly shape the upper-lip hair and trim your beard, but don't comb it—the wispiness comes from keeping it au naturel. (Also: Remember to keep your face clean to look handsome, not homeless.)


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