The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

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The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

Whether you want a touch of scruff or the grizzliest beard of them all, you don’t need a Hollywood stylist to look as good as these guys.

Going gray? Use it to your advantage. Silvery chin hairs in a carefully maintained goatee, even surrounded by scruff as in this Aussie’s case, are the ticket to looking like a Distinguished Gentleman.

Works for: A pear-shaped face (narrow forehead and broad jawline) with coarse hair that’s straight or curly.

How to get it: You’ll need a lot of time and patience for this. Pick up a beard and hair trimmer with many adjustable length settings (Scala recommends Andis's Trendsetter), and use it daily—or at least every other day. In a week off from work, test out where your grays show. If they’re not as perfectly centered in the beard as Hugh’s are, dye it all into tones of gray, platinum, and silver, or color the not-totally-gray hairs in a complementary dark-brown or ebony shade.


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