The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

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The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

Whether you want a touch of scruff or the grizzliest beard of them all, you don’t need a Hollywood stylist to look as good as these guys.

This look proves you can give facial hair room to grow without compromising office-appropriateness (or your luck with the ladies). The secret: Straight-Edged Scruff on each cheek and a bare neck.

Works for: Someone who can grow a full beard of straight hair, which can be fine or coarse. It looks best on rectangular and oblong-shaped faces with rounded chins.

How to get it: Let your hair grow out, and then trim it once you’re happy with the length. Pay close attention as you shave a crisp line at the neck. As for maintenance, keeping those crisp lines clean is key for this look. So use mustache scissors to keep the upper-lip area neat and shave your neck below that defined line daily.


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